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  • Faraway Lands

    Faraway Lands

    Series Colletion With fine ink lines and watercolours, landscapes are created. Lines become paths, leading us to dreamy places, while watercolors paint the horizon in colors that feel like freedom. In these artworks, landscapes emerge, giving us a world to explore in our minds and a place to escape to. A place to wander when…

  • Going Around

    Going Around

    Series Colletion As the pen gracefully moves across the paper, it traces a dance of intricate lines. In this rhythmic motion, each line becomes a thread weaving a story, an imaginative journey that echoes the pen’s repetitive movement. With the addition of colors, the narrative takes on a new dimension, transforming into a vivid tapestry…

  • No Ink

    No Ink

    Series Colletion With the dance of watercolors and ecolines, the canvas transforms into a realm of abstract fluidity. Each brushstroke becomes a symphony of motion, breathing life into the painting as shades meld and cascade in graceful rhythm. Unfettered by ink’s confines, ecolines and watercolors fuse effortlessly. Water Paper 210x297mm [reserved] Light as air Paper…

  • Dunes


    Series Colletion In the midst of winter, we dream of summer’s embrace. Memories of sunny days and moments near the water. We long for the return of those carefree moments and for summer’s radiant touch. Longing for summer days-01 Paper 200x560mm [sold] Longing for summer days-02 Paper 200x560mm

  • Underwater wonders

    Underwater wonders

    Series Colletion With Indian ink, pen, and watercolours, I create underwater wonders on paper. Lines transform into fluid currents, guiding me through a world beneath the waves. Corals come to life with intricate details and soft colours evoke serenity creating a submerged world where imagination finds its home. Bubbles Paper 420x594mm Floating on air-02 Paper…

  • Lines and Shapes

    Lines and Shapes

    Series Colletion Lines and shapes merge on the paper, creating rhythm. The repetition of the lines brings a sense of tranquility, that sooths the mind. With the addition of strong colors, the picture comes alive, adding energy and depth. In this world of repeating lines and bold shades, there’s a quiet peace that washes over,…

  • Gardens


    Series Colletion With watercolours and ink, gardens come alive. Colors blend, sunlight peeks through leaves, dreams are weaved, capturing garden’s calm in flowing pigments. It’s a peaceful place to roam, forever captured on paper. Fresh morning breeze Paper 297x420mm The sun is high Paper 297x420mm Gardens under the sea Paper 297x420mm Growing gardens-01 Paper 297x420mm…

  • Japan Inspired

    Japan Inspired

    Series Colletion Ink dances on paper, swirling and flowing like whispered secrets. Inspired by Japan’s timeless allure, each line is a tribute to its elegance and serenity. Seagrass-02 Paper 210x297mm Sleeping cat Paper 210x297mm Seagrass-01 Paper 210x297mm Desert Paper 210x297mm Sunflower Paper 210x297mm [sold] Hint of red Paper 210x297mm Seagrass-03 Paper 210x297mm

  • Trees Grow Better At Night

    Trees Grow Better At Night

    Series Colletion Under the veil of night, the ink brings trees to life on paper. Each line captures their essence, branches stretching like whispers in the dark. And in this silence, a secret unfolds: trees grow stronger during the night, their roots reaching deeper, their leaves touching the sky. The drawing becomes a tribute to…